The PR in Holidays.

There’s a certain sense of Pubic Relations that you subconsciously obtain when you wake up Christmas morning, or sit down for dinner on Thanksgiving day. With Grandma on the other end of the table praying, or your mom looking at you as you open her present, you are suddenly aware of your presence, your image, your words.


We go through life everyday freely living, making selfish choices, and speaking before we think. But, when you’re in the presence of celebration with everyone who loves you, there is something inside of you that feels eager to be portrayed a certain way. You begin to speak kinder, dress nicer, and feel obligated and willing to give your family what they want to see. You may even plan your reaction that you will give your mom when you open the gift, or have a response in your head when your aunt asks you how school has been. In a way, the people we love are our clients and we want to assure them of our presence and security.

Think of all the rehearsed and cliche conversations you have will your extended family on holidays. They happen every year, and it is our individual job to prepare ourselves on our responses, our reactions and decide what we want them to know and what we would like to keep to ourselves. Every year, every holiday, we are in complete practice for public relations strategies.


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