Memes Creating Mockery.. of Almost Everything

It seems as though, good or bad, the internet can make a mockery of anything.

Somedays,when our rival football team loses, or a celebrity stumbles on their words at an award show, the satire can be a satisfying relief for the our souls. But, other times, I find the memes a bit inappropriate.

It seems as though serious issues are being rushed onto the internet through outrageous jokes and constant memes. I would be lying if I said they didn’t make me laugh. But, I think it pushes off seriousness, when seriousness is necessary. For example, the constant meme after a hurricane that has killed and injured many people, feels inappropriate. It relaxes our minds, but at times, we need  raw emotions to be  with the victims of such events.











We can’t forget when Harambe, the gorilla, was put down at Cincinatti Zoo, after a young child fell into his cage. Harambe’s death plummeted the internet through memes, and jokes. Although, at times is was a laughable trend to partake in, it was poking fun at a serious and controversial issue.                                                                                                                    o7e8bhxl

And of course… the political debates (especially this year) just wouldn’t be the same without the memes! I find myself rushing onto twitter, while watching the debates, just to get in a good laugh.

Like I have said, the memes, voice overs, photoshopped photographs, etc., are nothing but entertaining, but they are distracting from the issues in front of us. I believe it has made the younger generation turn everything into a joke. It has become difficult to take news and have political views, without having the urge to take the opportunity to make people laugh through the internet.





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