Body Image for Women


The media creates a society in which women need to meet a certain criteria in order to be considered, and feel beautiful. The standards that are set are unrealistic, unfair and encourage a negative connotation to any woman whom falls short of the “ideal image”. Magazines, advertisements, and pop culture have played a role in forming an ideas in our heads of what is to be considered beautiful


Media has created an unrealistic standard for women. These trends found in media have created envy and social comparison in many women. This creates emotion and behavioral motivation to engage in cosmetic enhancement or eating disorders. Many people associate a larger body with being unhealthy which causes eating disorders.The efforts to achieve society’s “ideal body image” has become more important than maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


In efforts to change the views on “body image” and create a more accepting environment for women, Dove has recently promoted their “Real Beauty Campaign”. The campaign promotes beauty in women of all shapes and colors. . Through various advertisements in magazines and commercials on television they promoted women empowerment and acceptance. Hopefully, large companies, who have opportunities for influence, will follow Dove on their journey.

The struggle for achieving an accepted body image has been an issue for decades. The standards for women have been difficult and continue to change through different trends. It is impossible for women to keep up and feel beautiful and accepted.

Media Psychology 17.2 (2014): 127-133. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 11 Oct. 2015.


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