The Benefits of Eating Organic

There is a lasting negative stigma against organic foods due to the pricing of the products. There also seems to be theories as to whether organic and inorganic food is really THAT different. People seem to wonder, is it worth it? How do I know it’s organic? What will organic food do for my body that inorganic food will not?

It is worth it. 

Organic food is grown without artificial preservatives, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. Eating natural is good for your immune system, heart, and antibiotic resistance.

Organic produce is not only good for you but it is good for the environment. The chemicals that are sprayed and released in the air, contain pesticides that modify the produce to grow larger and in higher quantity. This creates pollutions and toxins.

Eating organic is not only treating your body well but it is treating the earth well.


Organic farming is the practice of raising and feeding animals naturally. Inorganic farming   injects the animals with hormones in order to “beef” them up and create un-naturally large and fatty meat to sell.

When eating organic meat, eggs, and milk, you are getting the natural proteins and calcium without the chemicals that were used to produce larger animals.


But, what about the money? It can be hard, almost impossible, to shop strictly organic.

There are foods that are more important to shop organic than others. For example, fruits with a peel are generally more protected from pesticides than fruits without a peel. Here is a list of foods that run generally low in pesticides. They are call the “Clean 15”

Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas (frozen)
Sweet Potatoes

Shopping organic can be expensive and sometimes less convenient. But, if you want to eat fresh, local, and natural, it is important to do your research.


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