Tales of the Working Student

Everyone always says being a college student feels like a full time job. So what does this mean for the college students who also works a full time job?

Stress. It means stress.



Working at a college bar and being a full time student can be an exhausting combination.

There are 168 hours in a week;  16 hours of class a week, 10 hours of homework a week, 40 hours of work a week, “8 hours of sleep a day”, so 56 hours a week. That leaves you 46 hours to eat, sleep, work out, and have a social life.



Here are a few tips that I have conducted through out my three and a half years as a working college student.

  1. Eat healthy- it may seem cliche, but healthy foods  give you the energy for your body and your mind to keep going
  2. Love your roommates- finding friendly faces to go home to every night, with like minded interests and goals, keeps you focused and positive. It’s always nice to have someone you can laugh through your stress with
  3. Utilize your time- I know Netflix is hard to resist, but take advantage of every time between classes and work. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in an hour
  4. Remind yourself your end goal- you are working now so that you an live a life you’ve imagined, always remember that
  5. Find pleasure in everything you do- STAY POSITIVE. You have a job and your getting an education, it may seem stressful, but it’s giving you opportunities people would love to have
  6. Coffee- drink coffee.. avoid energy drinks, drink lots and lots of coffee
  7. Make time for your social life- do not forget to have fun

Always remember to stay positive and utilize your time!  The hectic schedule is creates a hard work ethic that will benefit you in your future!


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