Why it’s Impossible for Beyonce to Lose

Emily Storino

Beyonce, also known as Queen B, falls under the same category of legends such as Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. But why, unlike most icons, has Beyonce faced little, to no, controversy or hate from the media? She split from her successful all girl group, Destiny’s Child in 2005, and gained her name as “Queen B” shortly after. It seems as though Beyonce can do just about anything, and it turns into gold. Whether it be a Coco Cola commercial, a hit single, or a performance at an award show, it continues to be deemed as unbeatable.


I will tell you why. Her branding and public relations strategies are genius.

Sometimes less is more.

The thing about this particular diva is she is not everywhere. She’s mysterious and selective. The times that we do see her, we’re ready to be amazed, and the time’s we do not we remember her as her last breathtaking performance on the Grammy’s, or the Superbowl half time show.

Her social media accounts are professional, classy, and give just enough insight to keep people wanting more. Beyonce remains much more private than other celebrities which has worked in her advantage. It leaves room for little controversy simply because we don’t know if there is any.


Lastly, she has given the public the perfect amount of sassiness matched with innocence. Take her newest album Lemonade for example. The album started with angry lyrics like “you ain’t married to no average b**** boy”, and footage of her swinging bats into car windows. This, is the Queen B part of her,the diva that everyone loves to see on stage. But, she ended the album with softer lyrics and footage of her her husband Jay Z, which illustrated the message of forgiveness. And then everyone remembers the Beyonce we see in the interviews, her genuine outlook, and love for her family. It’s relatable and real. The combination and aspects of her image, along with her remarkable talent, have created an icon without the negative stories and morals placed upon her.

Beyonce’s strategy has been to do everything with a purpose. There is no extra activity or content that distract us from Beyonce, her music, and her ability the achieve greatness.


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