And the Grammy award goes to… Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and every American airline

“The night that’s all about music” seems to be filled with a whole lot of advertising, talking, and commercial breaks, with a few moments of musical performance, sprinkled with guest appearances of our favorite artists losing to the same overplayed musician once again! The three and a half hour event, not to mention the two hour red carpet preparation, contained a maximum of 25 minutes of music. The production broadcasted live on alFullSizeRender.jpgl of the main networks to ensure that you could not escape the viewing of this event (or it’s commercials), even if you tried!




Many large companies took to twitter to join in on the Grammys hashtag and “show their support” to some of their favorite artists and performances. While I am sure that Coca Cola, a preferred soda beverage, loves Taylor Swift, and Aeropostale, a clothing line for teens, needs you to Retweet a link of their website in order to prove your love for Justin Bieber’s performances, it seems like this night may be about a little more than just music.


And this isn’t even mentioning the hours of robot voices on the red carpet who went from microphone to microphone name-dropping famous designers while looking America consumers in the eye, looking drop dead gorgeous. It seems as though music gave the perfect outlet for a night of unlimited PR stunts for products as well as celebrity images. From written speeches of thankfulness, to forced relationships on the red carpet, these nights are a dream for an image in the public eye! Cannot wait for the Oscar’s so I can enjoy a night that’s “all about the art of film”.


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