The Importance of Public Relations

Emily Storino, Bluestone Academy AAE

The importance of Public Relations is growing, and growing. The advancements in technology, social media, and the online world have been a curse and a blessing when it comes to marketing and PR work. A blessing, in the sense, that you can promote a new product with the click of a button. You can reach millions of people without having to leave the comfort of your own home. For large companies it is a dream come true. But, with the quick paced spread of news, it can become their worst nightmare very quickly.


Take Sea world for example, they thrived for decades with their family-friendly experience, and a picture of a whale sent parents all over the world to San-Diego, and Orlando to watch an amazing show. One single movie (Blackfish) went viral, and suddenly, everyone’s mind completely changed and sent Seaworld’s sales plummeting.

Post after post on Facebook and you find yourself hating something or somewhere you used to love. The fast pace of social media has created a mob mentality of ideas and it is more important now, more than ever, to be on the positive end of these posts. There are so many opinions and ideas being shared on an everyday basis. There is a constant feed of communication working in our lives and it’s the work of PR to ensure company’s are in that feed BUT in a positive light. It’s a difficult task to accomplish and PR strategies are continuously evolving with social and human interactions. It’s much more difficult to recover from a blow or a negative incident but with a strong PR team there are numerous resources to reach consumers and gain back trust.

In a world of videos, memes, posts, trends, hashtags,vines, followers, and likes, everyone needs PR.


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